5 wedding cinematographers of the world talk about light

David Ruzicka

New york U.S.A.

To me any light can be beautiful. I love super soft diffused Book Light, although I recently started to discover the beauty of a hard light. If captured correctly it can be strikingly beautiful. I think of Caravaggio's painting - Chiaroscuro, the master of light and shadows. To me the biggest sin is to say "hey, I have camera that goes to 100,000 ISO, so I don't need light". I always need light. I always shoot with some kind of light, even at the reception. But I need to be careful no to use too many lights. That can create a very flat image, without any shadows. A balanced image has both light and shadows. They compliment each other, creating a contrast. This is a powerful tool for the image maker who directs his audience eyes to the specific part of the picture, making the image very dynamic.